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Hiring the Right Criminal Attorney: The most important decision you will make.

Todd Anderson understands the California criminal justice system and how to protect the rights of clients who are charged with a crime. Perhaps the most unfortunate circumstance people can find themselves in is to be charged with a criminal offense. Finding the proper strategy for your criminal case is an art form practiced by only the most skilled and knowledgeable attorneys. Todd will explore every option available to you and will deliver the best possible outcome.

Consideration of Mitigating Circumstances

Occasionally, clients are charged with crimes of which they are absolutely innocent. Witnesses may report incomplete or incorrect facts to law enforcement officials or that other mitigating circumstances may have occurred, resulting in a wrongful charge. In such cases, it is imperative to have an experienced California criminal defense attorney at your side to make certain that factual information and extenuating circumstances are properly presented and considered in your criminal case.

Reducing Overcharge Indictments to a Lesser Charge

Often, in criminal cases, a defendant is overcharged. A client may have committed only a misdemeanor offense, yet has been charged with a serious felony. Successfully evaluating an overcharge and reducing it to a lesser offense are among the arsenal of skills possessed by a highly qualified criminal defense attorney such as Todd Anderson.

Alternative Sentencing Options

In many California criminal cases, a well-informed attorney can request that a criminal client be given an alternative to incarceration; however, alternative sentencing is not guaranteed to every defendant. A criminal defense attorney must demonstrate to the presiding judge and the prosecutor that the defendant possesses the proper qualifications to be considered for an alternative sentencing program.

The opportunity for a California criminal defendant to receive an alternative sentence occurs frequently but requires considerable effort on the part of the criminal defense attorney to convince the judge and the prosecutor to allow it. Todd Anderson has a proven record of success in providing clients with alternative sentencing outcomes.

alternative sentencing group therapy

Viable alternatives to serving jail time in California, including:

Home Confinement with Electronic Supervision
House Arrest
Work Release Programs
Work Furlough Programs
Drug Courts (Prop. 36)
Alcohol Rehabilitation
Drug Rehabilitation
Residential Recovery Centers
Community Service
Sober Living
City Jail or Private Jail
Diversion Programs
Sentence Reduction

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