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People have different motives in reporting incidents of domestic violence.

Sometimes the accused actually did "cross the line", and committed a domestic violence battery.

Other times, the accuser is less than truthful with the police, and is motivated by jealousy or revenge.

Sometimes the actual aggressor, perceiving that the true victim is about to call the police, will call the police first "to muddy up the waters" so that the actual perpetrator does not get arrested.

Law enforcement often has a difficult job in deciding who the true "victim" is, and who they believe to be the "perpetrator". Sometimes the wrong person gets arrested.

Also, it is not uncommon for an accuser to make a domestic violence allegation in an effort to gain an upper hand in a divorce proceeding or in a child custody dispute.

Sometimes the supposed victim is not even the one to call the police. Sometimes a neighbor or friend will call the police, when an argument is overheard, and the police decide to make an arrest based on limited facts.

Is is pertinent that you obtain an attorney who will know how to investigate the facts of your particular case. This way you will be sure to obtain the best possible outcome.

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